Self-Diagnosis Codes

The codes listed below refer to the LED display on HYA Midwall air conditioners. For other models of air conditioners, please consult your air conditioner supplier.


dFDefrost function: cycling in order to remove ice build-up
E1Outdoor unit tube temperature sensor fault
E2Indoor temperature sensor fault
E3Coil temperature sensor fault
E6Communication failure
E7External feedback fault
FFOutside temp too cold to operate
F1Communication between indoor and outdoor faulty
F2Indoor ambient temperature sensor fault
F3Indoor coil temperature sensor fault (possibly include inlet/middle pipe/outlet)
F4Indoor fan fault
F5Outdoor module fault
F6Outdoor ambient temperature sensor fault
F7Outdoor coil temperature sensor fault
F8Compressor suction temperature sensor fault
F9Compressor discharge temperature sensor fault
FACurrent or voltage fault
FCCompressor fault
FDSupply phase missing or phase sequence fault
FFShort of refrigerant
P1Evaporator (indoor) temperature protection
P2Overheat/overcurrent protection (inverter model only)
P3Overcurrent protection
P4Compressor discharge temperature protection
P5Compressor over heat cut out protection
P6Compressor suction temperature protection
P7Over/under voltage protection
F9High pressure discharge protection
PACondenser (outdoor) high temperature protection
PCOutdoor high ambient temperature protection
PFUnknown fault protection


For other air conditioning issues, please contact an approved installer in your area.